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Windnavigator® allows you to view and access high-resolution wind resource maps and data anywhere you have an Internet connection. Use it to prospect new wind development sites, browse global wind maps, query mean annual wind speeds at custom hub heights, and acquire wind statistics including Weibull values, wind roses and monthly diurnal distributions.

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Windographer™ is the industry leading software for analyzing wind resource data measured by met tower, SoDAR, or LiDAR. It imports virtually every data format commonly encountered in the wind power industry, allows rapid quality control and statistical analyses including MCP, and exports to all wind flow models common to the wind power industry.

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Openwind® is a wind project design and optimization software providing professional wind developers the tools they need to design, analyze and optimize a wind farm. Using an intuitive GIS-based interface, users can optimize for cost of energy, assess deep array impacts, define and analyze strategies for managed shut-down of turbines, and manage uncertainty.

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