Transect Tool

July 31, 2017

This is something that was requested by a user but was in the original software but we never got around to adding it.

This intention here is to provide context for noise analyses or for ZVI or shadow flicker. This functionality will be documented in the upcoming version of the user manual but I’ve made a short video to illustrate it here. We hope to release this new version in the coming weeks.

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Terrain and Roughness Downloading

September 23, 2016

Right now you are able to download terrain data within the Openwind interface at either 3 arc second (~90m) of quality-controlled SRTM data or at 1 arc second (~30m) of raw SRTM data.

You can also access and download a global roughness dataset which we have assembled from various sources at 3 arc seconds.


Hopefully this is useful. If anyone knows of any other datasets we should be hosting, please let us know in the comments below.










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