Terrain and Roughness Downloading

September 23, 2016

Right now you are able to download terrain data within the Openwind interface at either 3 arc second (~90m) of quality-controlled SRTM data or at 1 arc second (~30m) of raw SRTM data.

You can also access and download a global roughness dataset which we have assembled from various sources at 3 arc seconds.


Hopefully this is useful. If anyone knows of any other datasets we should be hosting, please let us know in the comments below.










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Digitizing in Openwind

November 14, 2013

Hello. I know I’ve been very quiet lately. We are still working to validate and release a new version of Openwind with lots of shiny new features. In the meantime, I made a short video illustrating the digitising capability of Openwind as well as how to enable and disable turbine layers. You might notice in the video that I delete a point without telling you how so I’ll tell you here. Pressing the “delete” key will delete that most recently selected or inserted point in the currently edited layer. Pressing the delete key again will delete a consecutive point in the same object, usually the one which was inserted before the most recent one.

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Collectors, Directional Power Curves and GPS

April 15, 2013

So the latest release of openWind took longer than expected but there are several additions that are worth mentioning.

One that has been a long time coming is the ability to specify both the grid connection and the substation location. This is done by adding two root nodes instead of one and then choosing the third option in the collector system tab of the OCOE settings dialog below


This then allows you to fix the substation location whilst still taking into account the cost of the high voltage link between the grid connection and the substation as well as the line losses incurred. We will be using this internally and I expect that it will quickly become the most popular option amongst openWind Enterprise users.

Another addition is the ability to change turbine power curves by direction and wind speed as well as time and date. This is only available in the time-series energy capture as part of the turbine scheduling. The standard wind sector management interface is unchanged and will take precedence if both are set.

You may notice that Google Maps have been replaced with Bing Maps. This is due to licensing issues with Google although I am told the Bing Maps is just as accurate if not more so. We have also added a setting in preferences which enables you to choose whether to pull down 1 or 4 maps at a time. By default, openWind will download four maps and stitch them together to create a relatively high resolution background map. Overall the functionality is the same as it was with Google Maps. We are looking at adding the ability to download other third party data from within openWind.

Apart from that there were a number of fixes that were detected and implemented as part of out internal adoption of this latest release and those can be found in the release notes.

I would like to leave you with a very short video showing some of our recent development to make openWind more GPS friendly.

Thanks for reading.

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