Time-Queryable Multi-Height WRGs

November 12, 2014

Time-queryable WRGs can be at one or more heights. They are intended to consist of a variable number of special cases defined by time-queries plus one default overall annual average (a standard regular old non-time-queryable WRG). When we run a statistical energy capture using frequency tables, openWind will use the default annual average WRG. However, when we run time-series energy capture with one or more time-queryable WRGs then the speedups will be time and date dependent. This gives us the capability to make better use of our NWP model output, especially in cases where there are radically different speedup ratios across the site in summer/winter and/or day/night.

I just got the go ahead to show some modelling that we did recently for a client. Hopefully the video is self-explanatory but please feel welcome to post any questions you have below.

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