The license options for our software offer a range of tools and can be adjusted for multiple users to accommodate any budget for all your wind development needs.

Software License Comparison

Feature Basic Enterprise
GPS Integration    
Noise Modeling    
Layer Logic and Layer Validity (with buffer setting)    
Layout Optimization    
Mass-conservation Wind Flow Model (WindMap)    
Pervasive Multi-Threading    
Shadow Flicker    
Standard Wake Models    
Validated Energy Capture    
Authentication of Reports    
Cost of Energy Optimization    
Directional Curtailment, Inflow Angle, Turbulence    
Deep Array Wake Model (DAWM)    
Gridded Turbine Layers    
Non-Ideal Performance Losses    
Time-Series Energy Capture (8760s, 12x24s)    
Turbine Scheduling (Noise, Bat, Shadow-Flicker Curtailments)    
Uncertainty Module