Basic Edition

Openwind Basic provides users with the essential tools for site assessment and initial project analysis. The Basic version of the software offers the same cutting edge methodology as well as industry standards to allow you to get the most out of your analysis.

System Requirements

Running Openwind requires a computer running Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux. A 64 bit operating system is preferred but not required.


GPS Integration

GPS Integration gives you the ability to take Openwind into the field on a laptop or tablet. This capability allows you to conduct ground truthing and run energy captures in the field.

Noise Modeling

Openwind uses the standard ISO noise model with 10 octave bands and includes the calculation of atomospheric attenuation coeficients and optional canopy models.

Layer Logic and Layer Validity (with buffer setting)

Using basic GIS functionality you can create buildable areas for turbines by querying and buffering vector layers to limit valid area for development in WRGs.

Layout Optimization

Optimize your layouts for energy or for cost of energy while taking into account setbacks and environmental impacts.

Mass-conservation Wind Flow Model (WindMap)

Our fast, multi threaded wind-flow model lets you generate wind data anywhere and performs well in complex terrian.

Pervasive Multi-Threading

Openwind can use up to 64 cores to quickly run large gridded calculations and energy captures.

Shadow Flicker

The shadow flicker analysis takes into account the impact of terrain, vegetation, wind direction, wind speed, cloud cover and turbine scheduling.

Standard Wake Models

Openwind utilizes three standard wake models; Park, Modified Park and Eddy Viscosity.

Validated Energy Capture

Our energy capture has been validated against other models as well as many years of operational data to ensure you get qualityresults.