Enterprise Edition

Openwind Enterprise is the flagship edition of our software offering the most comprehensive package of tools utilizing cutting edge methodology as well as industry standards to allow you to get the most out of your analysis. This is the same software used by analysts at AWS Truepower for hundreds of wind development projects all over the world.

System Requirements

Running Openwind requires a computer running Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux. A 64 bit operating system is preferred but not required.


In addition to all features of Openwind Basic, Openwind Enterprise includes:

Authentication of Reports

Openwind can provide digitally signed reports to verify the authenticity of a report and to ensure no changes have been made.

Cost of Energy Optimization

Minimize the levelized cost of energy when optimizing by taking into account access road costs, collector system costs, substation and grid connection locations, PPA length and O&M costs.

Directional Curtailment, Inflow Angle, Turbulence

Openwind allows you to model effects of directional curtailment by specifiying curtailment strategy in detail or by setting criteria for automatic sector management.

Deep Array Wake Model (DAWM)

Our advanced wake model considers the affects of wind-farms on the lower atmosphere to capture the deep array wakes.

Gridded Turbine Layers

Quickly create and modify regularly gridded turbine layouts using the user friendly GIS interface.

Non-Ideal Performance Losses

Use multi-height met mast data to assess the effects of non-standard shear using the rotor equivalent wind speed and adjust power curves for different ranges of turbulence intensity.

Time-Series Energy Capture (8760s, 12x24s)

Run energy capture calculations that take into account time-varying air density, time-varying turbulence intensity, temperature and high wind hystereses.

Turbine Scheduling (Noise, Bat, Shadow-Flicker Curtailments)

Turbine scheduling allows you to turn off turbines and switch power curves on the basis of date, time, wind direction, wind speed, temperature and so on.

Uncertainty Module

Take account of measurement uncertainty, MCP uncertainty and modelling uncertainty to assign turbines to met masts, blend WRGs and to run energy captures.